Casual Vacancy – parish councillor

1. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that a casual vacancy exists in the office of Parish Councillor on the Parish Council of Gittisham


2.      I FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that, subject to the provisions of the above Rules, any ten electors for the electoral area may give notice requesting that an election be held to fill such vacancy.  Such notice must be in writing and must be given to:-

The Returning Officer

East Devon District Council

Council Offices



EX10 8HL


          within fourteen days (computed in accordance with Rule 2 of the said Rules) of the date of publication of this notice.


3.      If no such notice as is referred to in Paragraph 2 above is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy as soon as practicable thereafter.


          DATED this 2nd day of October 2017 

                                                SIGNED   Fiona Clampin

                                                                   Clerk of the Parish Council

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