Parish Council Members

Apart from the Chair and Vice Chair, Cllr Valentine is responsible for Emergency Planning.

Cllr Russell Hayman – Chair

I was born in the parish and have lived and worked here on the farm most of my life. I have been lucky enough to travel in Africa and India when I had little responsibility after finishing further education and working away for a while. But there’s nowhere quite like home, and I am passionate about keeping the vibrant community going and I feel that all my family are active within the parish.

Tel: 01404 850204

Cllr Carol Hall - Vice Chair

I live in the village with my young family. I am a Civil Engineer and previously worked for the Environment Agency, specialising in flood risk. Now self employed and working at home, I provide flood risk advice to home owners and at the same time have dogs to stay for home boarding. Having lived here for 19 years, I have seen a few changes in how the parish works. I’m keen to see progress but want to make sure the history and special character of the parish remain. I feel strongly that we mustn’t let this parish stagnate and become just a quaint holiday day-out.  But at the same time we need to be realistic about how we can evolve to suit the needs of the modern world.

 Tel: 01404 850793

Cllr Maggie Walker

I have lived my whole life in Buckerell and Gittisham, love village life and am committed to preserving a quality way of life for all those living in the Gittisham parish. I have served on the parish council for a number of years and have tried to give a voice to the children of the village. I also take a keen interest in the drains. This may sound flippant, but in a village that used to flood on a regular basis, I believe clear, running drains to be of utmost importance.

Tel: 01404 850056

Cllr David Valentine

I moved to Gittisham shortly after my marriage to Alison in 1999. I am a chartered town planner and retired from employment in local government in 2007. I manage a small planning consultancy and I was elected to the parish council in May 2011.

Tel: 01404 851322

Cllr Andy Wilkins

Having lived in the Bristol area all my life deciding to move to Gittisham Vale in 2015 to seek a more relaxing and fulfilling life after retirement has turned out to be one of my better decisions. I am married to Jane and we have a married son who still lives in Bristol. My work experience embraced two careers: firstly 12 years in the Merchant Navy as a Communications and Control Officer, followed by 30 years as a Senior Traffic Technology Engineer for The Department for Transport, later The Highways Agency.

I have always tried to be involved in the community where I live and see being a parish councillor as a good way to give something to the area where I now reside. I will ensure that the voice of those living in Gittisham Vale is heard and will ensure that the most expedient outcome for the parish and its community, including businesses, is adopted whenever possible.

 Tel: 01404 371084

Fiona Clampin – Parish Clerk

I became Gittisham’s parish clerk in 2011.  The post has provided me with an insight into village life and the workings of local government.  Aside from this role, I work as a freelance journalist and radio producer for the BBC.  I also have an active part in a range of oral history projects, and regularly work with the military and emergency services providing media training.

Tel: 01404 851442

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