Members Code of Conduct Janet


I, Janet Christine Twist

being a Member/Co-opted Member of Gittisham Parish Council,  give notice in this form of those interests which I am required to declare under The  Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 and the Council’s Code of Conduct. I understand that I must also declare any interest of a  ‘relevant person’ [my spouse or civil partner or of any person with whom I am living as  a husband or wife or as if we were civil partners] on sections 1-6 of this form, as defined  in the Council’s Code of Conduct. 

I have also declared my personal interests as required by the Code of Conduct, as shown on section 7 of this form. 

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation  Please give details of (i) every employment, job, trade, business or vocation you  or a relevant person has, for which you receive any benefit or gain (i.e. profit,  salary or benefit in kind) including a short description of the activity e.g.  ‘Accountant’ or ‘Farmer’ and (ii) the name of any employer or body, firm or  company which you own or in which you have any beneficial interest.

Description of employment,  job, vocation, trade or 


Name of Employer, body, firm or company by which you are employed or in which you are a partner or a  remunerated Director in which you have a beneficial  interest

2. Sponsorship 

Please give details of any person or body (other than the Parish Council)  who has made any payment to you in respect of your election or any expenses  you have incurred in carrying out your duties as a Parish Councillor.​   


3. Securities: Interests in Companies 

Please give details of body which has a place of business or owns land in the  Parish Council’s area and in which you or a relevant person has a  beneficial interest (a shareholding) of more than £25,000 (nominal value) or  more than 1/100th of the total share issue of that body (whichever is the lower)  or if there is more than one class of share, the total nominal value of shares in  any class of that body of more than 1/100th of the total shares of that class  Note: It is not necessary to declare the nature or size of the holding, simply the name of the company or other body. 


4. Contracts: for Goods, Works or Services with the Council  Please give details of any current, existing contracts for goods, works or  services between the Parish Council and you or a relevant person and any  body, firm or company by which you/they are employed or which you own or in  which you/they have a beneficial interest, as referred to at 3 above.​       


5. Interests in land in the District Council’s Area (you must include the land  and house you / relevant person live in)  Please give the address or other description (sufficient to identify the location) of any land or property in the District Council’s area in which you or a relevant person has a beneficial interest (either as owner, lessee / tenant or licencee including land in which you/they may have a licence, alone or with others, to occupy for a period of one month or longer) and state the nature of that interest. For example this would include allotments that you own or use. Where it is not easy to describe the location of the land, you may wish to include a map showing the location / extent of the land in addition.

3 Hodges Close
Property I live in

6. Corporate Tenancies: Land leased from Parish Council.​ Please give the address or other description (sufficient to identify the location)  of any land leased or licensed from the Parish Council by a you or a  relevant person or any body firm or company by which you/they are employed  or which you/they own or in which you/they have a beneficial interest (specified  at 3 above).


7. Your Personal Interests

Membership of any Body or Organisation  to which you have been appointed or  nominated by the Parish Council  as its​ representative
Membership of any other body exercising functions of a public nature (for example District or other Parish Council; Health, Police or Fire Authority or Quasi Autonomous NonGovernmental Body)
Membership of any body directed to charitable purposes (for example an Industrial and Provident Society or Charitable Body or you are a Freemason who is a member of the Grand Charity and/or have membership of an individual lodge that has charitable status or is a lodge directed towards charitable purposes)
Membership of any Body whose principal purpose is to influence public opinion or policy or which, in your view, might create a conflict of interest in carrying out their duties as a Parish Councillor. (for example Political Party; Trade Union, Professional Association, Local Action Forum, Civic Society or Interest Group such as National Trust; RSPB: Greenpeace or membership of the Freemasons or similar body)
Any easement, servitude, interest or right in or over land which does not carry with it a right for you (alone or jointly with another) to occupy the land or to receive income. [This includes options to purchase which you have on land in Gittisham parish]


I recognise that if I fail to comply with the Code of Conduct for Members of Gittisham Parish Council or:

1. omit any information that should be included in this Notice;

2. give false or misleading information; or

3. do not tell the Town/Parish Council of any changes to this Notice or new interests I acquire.

There may be a criminal offence and/or the matter may be referred to the East Devon Monitoring Officer /East Devon District Council’s Standards Committee for investigation.

Date: 16/02/2020

Signed:Janet Signature