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Gittisham Gazette

May 2023 Edition 254



A monthly community newsletter published by St Michael’s Church and Gittisham Parish Council

Dates for your diary


Pierre’s Cafe

Sunday 14th May at the Village Hall

07545 214940


Village Fete

Saturday 2nd September 2-5pm


Coffee Get-Together

20th May in the parish room 10.30-12


Image of Coronation Celebration

200 Club Results


1st Ann Stansell

2nd J Lawrence-Jones

3rd Nellie Marker

4th Sarah Abbott

5th Nicky Wakley


1st S Agg-Manning

2nd Ernie Wensley

3rd Karen Loveland

4th Christine Broom

5th Gary Pester


Gittisham Celebrates the Coronation

Gittisham Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council held a Coronation Party on Saturday 8th May

Starting with live screening of the coronation in the morning and then there was a free bar, bbq for people to cook their own food and a funky disco with DJ Alex. There was much merriment which went on until late. What a lovely way to celebrate such a momentous occasion, the crowning of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

God save the King!


Tom Putt

Two Tom Putt apple trees have kindly been planted in the churchyard by Paul Wakley along with several spring bulbs and he has kindly agreed to look after them.



Gittisham Gazette



Open Gardens – Children’s Hospice South West

Would you be interested in hosting an “open garden” for Children’s Hospice South West?

Gittisham is such a beautiful village and seems to be just the sort of place where people might enjoy opening their gardens either to the public or just to friends and family to support a very good cause.

Please contact Tina Lunt if you are interested 01404 234086 or 07341 153409. She can arrange posters.


Pierre’s Café

Sunday 14th May at the village hall.

Pierre will be serving a Chicken Casserole lunch from 12.30-4pm, followed by dessert. Vegans and vegetarians will be offered Salsify Ragout. There’ll be the usual selection of homemade croissants and pastries in the morning as well as delicious cakes, including gluten free options. Doors open from 10am. Please book to avoid disappointment and to give Pierre an idea of numbers 07545 214940. Bring your own drinks.


People in the news – new arrivals

Stephanie and Peter King have welcomed Rory Joshua Marker King on April 17th.

Hattie and Ollie Harrison have welcomed Huxley Jamieson Max on 2nd May.

Elizabeth and Jurgen Heddes have welcomed Owen on 4th May.



Gittisham Village Hall

The evening of Gittisham Games. Table tennis and duckpins, with Ploughman’s and soup and then afterwards West Country Skittles. Very successful and well attended. Laughter and jollity throughout. Hoped to be repeated again soon.

Events are run by the Village Hall Committee throughout the year and aim to make a profit to keep the hal running and of course to provide fun and socialising for us all.

The hall is also available to hire privately. Details are on www.gittisham.org.uk or contact Carol Hall to make a booking 07854 492347


Gittisham Village Fete

Saturday 2nd September

A call out to crafts and tradespeople who might be interested in having a pitch at this year’s village fete in Gittisham.

Also looking for volunteers that could help with the setup and running of the fete.

Please get in touch with Alex


Coffee Get-Together – Forward Notice

For June 17th, Margaret and Michael Hawkins have kindly invited us to their home 21 Cypress Close, Gittisham Vale EX14 2YW 10.30-12





St Michaels Church and Honiton Mission Community


Services for May 14th Eucharist, 21st none, 28th Lay led, June 4th none, 11th Eucharist

Julia Barratt led a coronation commemorative service after which a toast was raised to the king with a glass of prosecco.


Combe Raleigh are holiday a plant sale on Sunday 14th May 2-5pm in gthe garden of The Barton just behind the church. This is always worth a visit as they have excellentplants and reasonable prices.


At St Pauls there will be a Eucharist to celebrate the wonderful feast of the Ascension on Thursday 18th May at 7.30pm. They have achieved their Bronze Award from Eco Church. This was quite a process and very grateful thanks went to Jane Scriven, Julia Beaman and all the working group who put in so much time to enable this to happen.

Weekly services still continue to be at 11am. The website (honitoncofe.org) is updated regularly and has news about services. The monthly Mission Community newsletter Around The Parishes is avilable by email or post from the parish office 01404 44035


Christian Aid Week is 14-21 May. Cream tea 4.30pm and Christian Aid Serice after at about 5pm Sundat 21st May at St Pauls. The envelopes will be placed on the bench in churcg and some will be delivered around the village. There will be some in the Vale bus shelteer and the few houses that normally get them.


Church Warden Retirals: Honitons Lyn Thatcher, Buckerells Penny Pear and Cotleighs Pam Lane have all retired from being Church Wardens. They have each held the position for many yearfs and we wish them well in their retirement.


200 Club

Would you like to join the 200 club and help to fund the upkeep so necessary for this old church. It takes a lot to keep it heated (especially with the increasing cost of energy) and watertight, keeping the churchyard in good order and kind to nature. The cost is £12 per number per year. The draw takes place at the beginning of each month with 5 prizes £40, £20, £15, £10 and £5. Twice a year there is a 6 monthly prize of £48 (March and September). Contact Janet Twist 01404 45484


Parish Council April 2023 Report

Six councillors met for the April meeting. Alasdair Bruce (EDDC) and nine members of the public were also present.



In his absence, Phil Twiss (DCC) sent a report outlining the county councils support for the British Horse Societys (BHS) Dead Slow road safety campaign. The aim is to educate motorists on how to approach and pass horses safely on Devons roads, with

the posters advising drivers to reduce their speed to a maximum of 10mph and leave at least two metres space. Since 2018, around 375 incidents involving equestrians on Devons roads have been reported to the police and the BHS.

Voter ID Dont forget your photo ID to vote in the local elections on 4 th May. This is a new

requirement for anyone visiting a polling station. This will apply to:

Local elections

Police and Crime Commissioner elections

UK parliamentary by-elections

Recall petitions

From October 2023 it will also apply to UK General elections.


Finance. Members agreed the finances.

Crimes. Feb 2023: no reported crimes.


Planning applications.

a) Batts Cottage, Gittisham Remove existing front door and frame and replace with new on front (south west) elevation. No objection.

b) Batts Cottage, Gittisham – Proposed shed / studio building to replace oil tank and fenced enclosure. No objection.

c) Blamphayne Sawmill, Gittisham Proposed storage building for timber. No objection.

d) Gittisham Farm – Construction of earth-banked slurry lagoon. Councillors resolved to have no objection to d) in principle. However, members had concerns over access for large farm & construction vehicles via Chaghayes (Shaggys) Lane, and would like use to be mitigated where possible.


Village play area.

The Chair explained that in order to obtain S106 funds allocated to the parish council for sport, leisure and play, it had had to go through a public consultation process mandated by EDDC. She said the majority of those who responded had suggested an outdoor ping pong table; of all the suggestions put forward by parishioners, this was the item which had received the most votes. Members discussed the concerns over potential noise and disruption raised by some members of the public over the outdoor ping pong table. The Chair said she had received some hedge plants from the Woodland Trust which could potentially shield the adjoining properties.



Janet Twist reported that a new scam is circulating on WhatsApp. A criminal gets in touch via a group chat and sends you a six-digit code. Taking action on this will lock you out of your account, and allow the criminal to send the same scam to your address book.


Vale bus shelter / Old Elm Road. Members heard that moss had been removed from the pavement and the hedge cut

along Old Elm Road. Peter Orchard reported that the Vale bus shelter had once again been swamped with books, but they had since been removed.