Gittisham Parish Council Risk Management

Approved: 3rd March 2022

AreaRisk(s) identifiedRisk Level (H/M/L)Potential Impact (H/M/L)Management / Control of RiskReview / Action required
2 bus shelters
2 notice boards
Cow springer
Bird’s nest spring
Double cradle swing
Verso roundabout
Navis stand-on seesaw
Castle tower & slide
Roll-on log
2 x Defibrillators
2 x benches
2 x picnic tables
Office equipment
Lengthsman equipment
Protection of physical assetsLMInsurance; defibrillator is lockedAnnual insurance and regular monitoring of property
Security of above assetsWeather, fire and / or vandalismLMMaintenance when necessary
Maintenance of above assetsInadequate maintenance of buildings etcLLContingency funding; Community Heartbeat Trust provides serviceability checks for defibrillator; defib manufacturer supports the service for 7-8 yearsRegular inspection; review when defib manufacturer support expires (Sept 2024)
InsuranceInadequate cover or over-insurance increasing costs unnecessarilyLMAnnual review of insurance with brokers; annual review of asset valuesMaintain existing procedures
PreceptOverspend of operational budget and/or
inaccurate setting of Precept level realising demand on Reserves.
LMBudget and Precept considered by Council each year.
Sound budgetary control.
Expenditure considered at every meeting
Maintain existing procedures
Bank & bankingBank errors and/or inadequate checks leading to financial irregularities.LMRegular bank reconciliationMaintain existing procedures
Financial controls & recordsInadequate records leading to financial irregularitiesLMInternal audit (and external where applicable) presented to Council; finance considered at every meetingMaintain existing procedures
Computer recordsLoss of data through system error, theft, flooding or fireLHBack-up on completion of all entriesMonthly back-up to finance software kept on ‘cloud’
CashLoss of income or unforeseen major expenditure leading to cash flow problemsLLEnsure adequate reserves; ensure adequate insurance coverMaintain existing procedures
CashLoss through theft or dishonestyLLVery little / no cash heldMaintain insurance
BudgetInadequate budget preparation leading to inability to fulfill obligationsLMFew obligations; income and expenditure considered at every council meetingMaintain oversight
TendersBest value not achievedLLBest practice procedures followedMaintain existing procedures
PaymentsGoods not supplied but invoiced.
Invoices incorrect.
Invoices unpaid.
LMAll invoices recorded and filed on receipt.
Invoices checked for accuracy and for receipt of goods and services.
Two signatories on cheques and initialling of cheque stubs.
List of cheques presented to full Council monthly.
Maintain existing procedures
Cheque booksLoss of cheques; fraudulent useLHCheque books kept in safe place; cheques signed without delayWherever possible, write out cheques before meeting
ReceiptsServices provided by Council but not paid forLLNo services suppliedN/A
GrantsMismanagement of grant aid powersLLFormal applications only considered by full council.
Budgets adhered to.
Maintain existing procedures
SalariesIncorrect payments to staff (rates, NI, tax)LMAll expenditure agreed at each meeting.
Payments audited annually.
Maintain existing procedures
SalariesPayments not made to HMRCLMReal-time payment facility at HMRC ensures records kept.Maintain existing procedures
Election costsInability to meet costsLLProvision made in budget annuallyMaintain existing procedures
VATErrors in calculation; payments not made to HMRCLLComply with HMRC regulations.
Annual returns to be made.
Internal audit.
Maintain existing procedures
Annual ReturnInability to conduct year end on time; not submitted on timeLLBook annual return earlyMaintain existing procedures
Third partiesRisks to third party, property or individualsLMPublic & Products liability insurance in place (limit of indemnity £6m); Council in 3-year LTA with insurerInsurance cover to be reviewed annually
StaffCompliance with employment lawLMEmployer Liability insurance in place (limit of indemnity £10m)Insurance cover to be reviewed annually
All personnelHealth & safety mattersMMHealth & safety policy in placeMaintain existing procedures
Parish lengthsmanRisks to third party, property or individualsMMCouncil covered by separate public liability insurance if lengthsman found to be negligent; protective clothing to be worn at all times; warning signs to be erected in advance of work; training certificate required for powered equipment; carry mobile phone or advise clerk on location and contact on return; general training on work within the highway; lengthsman is Chapter 8 trainedParish council elects to provide public liability indemnity to provide cover for claims up to a value of £5m.
DefibrillatorRisks to individuals through incorrect useHHTraining provided to users.  Calling 999 and taking instructions from the ambulance service will automatically cover you under their insurances, according to Community Heartbeat TrustLegal advice to be sought where required
LegalConduct of council business is ultra viresMLClerk to verify legal position for any new proposalLegal advice to be sought where required
FloodingRisk of flooding to properties if maintenance work is not carried out effectively or unable to be carried outLLLengthsperson trained by DCCRegular monitoring by councillors in consultation with the lengthsperson
Councillor proprietyIncomplete register of interestsMLRegular reminder to membersMaintain existing procedures
Councillor proprietyFailure to declare interestsMLRegular reminder to members; declarations of interest presented at each council meetingMaintain existing procedures
Councillor / staff proprietyBreach of confidentialityMLRegular reminder to members / staffMaintain existing procedures
Reports & recordsImproper and untimely reporting of meetings via minutesLLCouncil to meet monthly to receive and approve minutes of meetings
Minutes to be made available on website and on notice boards within 5 working days of a meeting where possible.
Maintain existing procedures