Explanation of variances 2021-22

Name of smaller authority: GITTISHAM PARISH COUNCIL

County area (local councils and parish meetings only: DEVON

Please provide full explanations, including numerical values, for the following:

  • variances of more than 15% between totals for individual boxes (except variances of less than £200);
  • a breakdown of approved reserves if the total reserves (Box 7) figure is more than twice the annual precept/rates & levies value (Box 2).
Section 22020/21 £2021/22 £Variance £Variance %Detailed explanation of variance (with amounts £)
Box 2 Precept or Rates and Levies    81608323-163-2n/a  
Box 3 Total other receipts      138357,1786,65748.18CIL receipts in the year 2020/21 were much higher, particularly as one payment had been carried over from a previous financial year. 
Box 4 Staff costs        33562,96938711.53n/a  
Box 5 Loan interest/ capital repayments      NIL    NIL    NIL    NIL    n/a  
Box 6 All other payments      199516,82213,12965.81In 2020/21 GPC spent CIL funding on major refurbishment to the village hall, which accounts for a large proportion of payments in that year.
Box 9 Total fixed assets & long term investments & assets2677428,862-2,088-7.8n/a
Box 10 Total borrowings      NILNILNILNIL    n/a  
Explanation for ‘high’ reserves      Box 7 is almost twice Box 2 because the authority held the following breakdown of reserves at the year end:   £7,031.06 Contingency  
£2,026.82 CIL