2021-04 Gittisham Gazette April 2021

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Published by St. Michael’s Church and Gittisham Parish Council

Edition 230

Megan and Carol’s walk for Dementia UK

Megan the dog, resident of the village, walked 100kms in March, raising £82 for Dementia UK. What started as a smallish national event has grown like crazy to include 25,000 people and their dogs and has raised £1.5 million. Megan, age 13, especially enjoyed exploring new trails on East and West Hill. Although her owner, Carol Hall, walks dogs for a living they did a lot of extra walks and some special weekend adventures. “Amazing how much new scenery you can find within a few miles of your house”. Carol also said she was thrilled to be part of such a fantastic fundraising effort, helping to raise awareness of Dementia UK and is very grateful to all her friends for their support. If you would like to donate ring Carol on 07854 492347.

Grain to Cream – Russell Hayman

Spring is here so it is time for us to come out of the yard and get some field work done. We have drilled some oats and barley which if the birds don’t eat all the seed, will be ready for us to mill in the winter. Grass fields will be rolled to push stones and dirt down fertiliser to go on and dung to spread. I know it seems we are always spreading the stuff! It is good for the crops and the more we have the less we use out of the bag. It is analysed so we can accurately assess what’s going on. We always valued it but as now it is a little more precise. We are also getting the fields ready to sow the maize crop.

The cattle will soon also be out in the fields hopefully enjoying some sunshine. Let’s hope they can do it in peace and not have any dogs worrying them. The only problem is we have a TB test in the middle of May so they will all have to be injected and read. Means catching twice, it’s a lot of work in the winter when they’re in, but it is even more once in the fields and don’t always want to cooperate. We usually manage though, even if it does get a little frustrating at times.

Edmund has gone back to Shropshire to study there though apparently Agriculture is not a practical degree so he can’t go into the university. No mention of a reduction in the cost of his education though. He has secured a job in Yorkshire for the next year a requirement of his course to get practical experience. Didn’t think it was a practical course! So we won’t see so much of him then, we’ll miss the help over harvest.  We also seem to have managed to attract a large population of sparrows in the front of the farm. Well they have been there for a long time really but the chirping volume has gone up of late, I can’t hold a ‘phone conversation over them now.

Gittisham Village Hall Events


For this session, I would like to do an orange, rosemary and pistachio cake.

There is also a vegan option.

Ingredients: 2 big juicy oranges, 120g sugar, 120g plain flour, 100g salted butter, 2 eggs, 5g baking powder, 2 table spoons of apricot jam ( cheapest one). 1 little branch of fresh rosemary, a piece of butter for the mould and 40g crushed pistachios.

Vegan ingredients: 2 big juicy oranges, 120g sugar, 120g plain flour, 90g vegetable margarine, a pinch of salt, 3 table spoon of golden linseed mixed with 6 table spoon of water, 5g baking powder, 2 table spoons of apricot jam (cheapest one), 1 little branch of fresh rosemary, some margarine for the mould and 40g crushed .pistachios.

If anyone would like some fresh rosemary for this recipe and some golden linseed, you are welcome to come to Garlands Cottage.

Materials: a little bowl to melt the butter or margarine, a big bowl to mix all ingredients, a cake mould (diameter 18 to 20 cms), a large spoon , a tablespoon, a little pan, a zester, a juicer, a whisk, baking paper (enough to cover the bottom and the sides of the mould), microwave or a pan of boiling water and an oven at 180 C.

I normally do this cake in ten minutes so no worries, do it with me at the Zoom session. Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 844 2368 2368

Buckets of Fun!!

Have you still got your potato bucket for the Gittisham Flower and Produce Show?  If so, now is the time to retrieve and clean them in preparation for planting in April.  Collect your seed potato from 4th April from David and Sue Fallows, Parkers, Gittisham (01404 850922) – £1 per entry.  For those who did not participate last year, join in the fun, a bucket and seed potato are provided for just £1.  Buckets are emptied and weighed during the show on 7th August.  Entries from all ages very welcome.

If you have a bucket and will not be entering the competition, please return it to David and Sue for recycling to another entrant.  If you have lost your bucket, please contact David and Sue who can replace your bucket but will request a contribution towards the cost.

People in the news

Congratulations to Barnaby and Helena on the birth of their daughter Frieda Margaret, born on 9th April, following a very long labour and weighing in at 8lbs 5oz, both mother and baby well.  Another grand-daughter for Maggie Walker, niece of Molly and Oliver and cousin of May and Dora.

A warm welcome to Gittisham to Ana and Nathan plus dog Gala who have moved into 2 School House. We wish them a happy time and look forward to seeing them at some of our village events.

Parish Council – April report

Six councillors met for the April meeting. Susie Bond (EDDC), Phil Twiss (DCC), Chris Watton, Graham Hutton & Tom Biddle from Baker Estates (BE), and two members of the public were also present.

EDDC / DCC Report.     Phil Twiss said it had been a pleasure to serve the parish as county councillor, as elections approach. 
Susie Bond explained that work on EDDC’s local plan review carries on apace, with the ambitious target of December for publication of a draft local plan. The total of 750 sites is far less than the 950 houses required to be built by EDDC every single year.

Finance.  Members agreed the finances.

Crimes.  Feb 2021, 2 x violence and sexual offences.

Councillor vacancy (Vale ward)  The clerk said the vacancy remains unfilled, and encouraged anyone interested in joining the parish council to contact

Planning applications.

a) 21/0730/VAR Phases 1 – 4 Hayne Lane Gittisham Variation of condition 1 of application 20/2179/VAR

b)         21/0437/MFUL Part Of Honiton Show Ground Nags Head Road Gittisham Use of the land as a caravan site for up to 100 tents, touring caravans and motorhomes from April to October of each year and siting of portable toilets and showers

Members had no objections to a).  Tom Biddle explained that the current application affects 27 properties in total, and would allow BE to respond to changes in the market and feedback from current residents.  BE is proposing to move some of the affordable units elsewhere on the site, change the size and internal figuration of some properties, and provide new house types which were not on the original application.  He said that none of the changes affect height parameters, highway design or public open space provision. 

Regarding b), councillors resolved to object strongly to this application as the information given is minimal and sometimes incorrect, it does not address concerns over flooding, highways, traffic, the scale and siting, use of land, and proximity to settlements.  There are no suitable services and utilities close by, it is not sustainable, the sewerage system is already exhausted and environmental concerns are not addressed in the application.   

Hayne Farm development   Graham Hutton told members that Baker Estates was proposing to build 40 additional homes on the old farmyard site, and he has met EDDC for a pre-application meeting.  There would be no additional access off Hayne Lane. 

Scams.    Janet Twist another new scam doing the rounds is called “fleeceware”.  This is a mobile application that comes with a short free trial followed by excessive subscription fees (e.g. £50 / week).  You have to cancel the subscription rather than just delete the app, she said, or the money will still be taken.

Bus shelters.   Peter Orchard said items in the Vale bus shelter were threatening to take over, and it was agreed a small box could be provided as space for passengers is important.

Kings School bus.   The clerk said DCC has confirmed it will be providing a privately contracted service for Kings School pupils from September 2021.

Road closures / diversions.   19-23 April 2021; Vodaphone will be working on the A30 between the Ironbridge and Turks Head.

Next meeting.  This will be on 5th May at 7.30pm via Zoom.

St Michael’s Church, Honiton Mission Community and 200 Club

We observed the National Day of Reflection on 23rd March where several villagers met on the green, Maggie tolled one bell before the minutes silence, followed by a short prayer from Julia.  On Good Friday 14 villagers attended our outdoor service commencing with the Cross being brought from the church and three stations were observed before erecting it on the grass by the church wall. David and Alison led us in two hymns. The reading took the form of a Passion and prayers were reflective.  On Easter Sunday, 24 attended and with the tomb having the stone removed surrounded with butterflies, the cross with flowers at the base and villagers invited to adorn it with butterflies.  Alison and David again led us in the hymns, the gospel read in parts as were the prayers. We were lucky with the weather on all our outside services.  Now that the Covid restrictions are loosening we will be having a monthly Eucharist in church once a month, starting on Sunday 11th April, then 9th May and 13th June, all at 11.00am and with numbers restricted you need to book your place with Carol (tel. 851113). Obviously social distancing needs to be observed and masks to be worn. Julia is working on plans for the other Sundays and her telephone services. To receive the details for this please email Julia on or for those without internet ring her on 07763 111367 or 01404 850680.

The website (honitoncofe.org) is updated regularly and has news about the latest guidelines on the new covid  regulations there is also a link to the Gittisham website.  The monthly newsletter Around the Parishes is included plus details of Rev’d Sue’s weekly Zoom Sunday Morning Worship at 10.00am, if you would like to join in this service do please email Rev’d Sue and she will forward the link , there is also a ‘virtual’ Eucharist at 6.00pm. St. Paul’s is still closed. The Parish office is also closed to visitors,  but can be contacted on 01404 44035 or and messages will be replied to when someone is available.  

If you haven’t renewed your 200 Club subscriptions (£12 per number per year) please do so A.S.A.P.  If you no longer require your number/s please let me know so I can offer to another person. Payment can be made by cheque – payable to Gittisham PCC, BACS or by standing order – I can email or post this form too. (Carol McCann 01404 851113, 07946 409142, .  Draws are made monthly with prizes of £40, £20, £15, £10, and £5, with 2 six monthly of £48.

APRIL 2021 200 CLUB RESULTS                             

1st  Colin Newcombe                 2nd Lillian Hayman               3rd   Alice Vyner-Brooks                  
4th  Sharon Wensley                  5th   Doreen Wensley      

Gazette printing is still not possible with the ongoing restrictions, as the Parish Office in Honiton remains closed. The Gazette is also available on the Gittisham website  gittisham.org.uk.  If you would like a copy by email please let me have your email details or if you have no internet it can be posted to you until things get back to order. Some help with 2nd class postage would be appreciated: Carol McCann 3 School Cottages, Gittisham,Honiton, EX14 3AH.  I will leave a few copies in the Vale bus shelter again until the whole print run can be delivered by Peter and Ann again.

Carol McCann  01404 851113/07946409142     . If you have events or news items for inclusion in the Gazette do please email it to Carol as early as possible (using Arial font please). Copy date for May edition is the 23rd April please.  I hope to have the edition ready to send out on Friday 7th May.