2022-08 Parish Council extra ordinary meeting agenda 16th August 2022


Ms Fiona Clampin
Clerk to the Council
EX14 3AJ
01404 851442

10th August 2022

Members of Gittisham Parish Council

Dear Councillors

An Extra Ordinary Meeting of Gittisham Parish Council to which you are summoned, will be held on Tuesday 16th August at 11.30am in Gittisham Parish Room to consider the matters detailed on the Agenda below and make resolutions as appropriate.

Yours faithfully

Carol Hall, Chair, Gittisham Parish Council

Prior to the start of the meeting a period of 15 minutes is allowed to permit any resident to bring appropriate matters to the notice of the Council.  Please contact the clerk if you would like to do this, preferably by email in advance of the meeting. 


  1. To receive and approve apologies
  2. To receive declarations of interest
  3. To consider the following planning applications:
  • 22/1718/FUL Westgate Gittisham EX14 3AU – Erection of solar panels on existing pool house/garage roof and erection of summer house
  • 22/1622/FUL Kings Arms Farm Nags Head Road Gittisham EX14 3AP – Construction of a two storey 18-unit residential home for vulnerable people
  • 22/1600/FUL Land Adjacent To Hamlet House Nags Head Road Gittisham – Extension of an existing commercial building on the land north of Hamlet House
  • 22/1197/FUL Curlditch House Gittisham EX14 3AE Proposed siting of 5 no. Shepherd’s Huts in the field southeast of Curlditch House (change to heritage statement)

4. To approve the following payments and to note the current bank balance:

Michael Poll play area grass cutting £65 (inv. 10173)

Michael Poll play area repairs £560 (inv. 10174)

F J Clampin