2023-03 Gittisham Gazette March 2023

A monthly Community Newsletter published by St. Michael’s Church and Gittisham Parish Council

March 2023 Edition 253

Burns Night

Many fa’ and honest, sonsie faces were to be seen at the village hall to celebrate a traditional Burn’s Night. There were indeed many great Chieftain o’ the Puddin-races consumed, along with tatties and neeps and an incredible onion gravy. We all tak our place aboon them all and consumed with gusto, washed down with wine and great company.

Our resident kilted Scotsman addressed the haggis in true Scottish style, admiring the groaning trencher and we all marvelled at hurdies, which were indeed like a distant hill. Finally the ceremony came to an end, with the Scotsman’s knife seeing Rustic-labour dight and he cut the glorious haggis up ye up wi’ ready slight. It was amazing to see the gushing entrails bright. And then, O what a glorious sight, warm-reekin, rich!

What followed was an equally bizarre and chaotic night of traditional Scottish dancing, with the talents of the dance caller often ignored in favour of a more freeform dance. 

Well done to all who cooked, set up, cleaned, sold tickets, danced and generally supported a most excellent night.  The event was organised by the Gittisham Village Hall Committee with funds raised going to pay for the upkeep of our wonderful building.

Pierre’s pop-up Sunday cafe, 9th April

Pierre will be serving a lunch from 12.30 – 4pm on Easter Sunday,  followed by a dessert. Vegans and vegetarians will also be catered for.  There’ll be the usual selection of homemade croissants and pastries in the morning, as well as delicious cakes including gluten-free options.  Doors open from 10am in Gittisham Village Hall.  Please book to avoid disappointment and to give Pierre an idea of numbers.  Bring your own drinks.  Please telephone Pierre 07545 214940 for further information.

Open Gardens Children’s Hospice South West

The fundraising team of Children’s Hospice South West would like t bring your attention to the Open Garden events which take place every summer. Gittisham is such a beautiful village and might be the sort of place where people could enjoy opening their gardens either to the public or just to friends and family to support a very good cause. Here is a link to the website and they will also help with posters. etc.   
Tina Lunt       01404 234086 and 07341 153409.

Gittisham Village Hall news

Saturday 1st April – an evening of Gittisham games.  Are you a ping pong prodigy, a dab hand at duckpins? Or just keen to gaze on the cut and thrust of Gittisham’s gamest gamers?  Table Tennis tournament from 5pm   Ploughman’s and soup at 6pm West Country Skittles from 7.00.  Laughter and jollity throughout! £5.00 on the door.  BYOB.  Brought to you by your friendly Village Hall Committee

Our traditional country Gittisham village fete is being planned for Saturday 2nd September. Please keep a look out for the next meeting – to be announced via the village WhatsApp – and come along to give ideas and help out.  The more, the merrier, it would be nice to get back to one of our traditional fetes, please put the date in your diary.

Events are run by the Village Hall Committee throughout the year and aim to make a bit of a profit to keep the hall running and of course to provide fun and socialising for us all.
The Hall is also available to hire privately and details of this are on the gittisham.org.uk or contact Carol Hall  on 07854 492347 to make a booking.

Mary Wakely

Mary Wakely, a lifelong resident of the village, passed away this month and we all send our best wishes to Paul and family. Mary was the Post Mistress at Eveleigh’s for many years, helped by her lovely goose Grizedale.

From Grain to Cream – Russell Hayman

As I write, part of the farm is having the soil analysed for the nutrient levels and acidity (the soil here naturally graduates towards acidity). These results form the application levels required for the following crops. We test about 20% of the farm each year which is rotated around the farm to give us an indication of the base levels as most of the levels take years to alter. We do not test for nitrogen as this alters through the year and is much more related to the previous crop. We aim for a p.h. neutral soil and to achieve this; ground limestone (mainly) is applied. Some crops are more tolerant than others of acid soils i.e. grass and oats; legumes (peas / clovers) and maize less so. This means we try to check and apply lime before we grow these crops as this is where the greatest benefit can be had.

As I am sure you will be aware of the shortages in the supermarkets of some foods. There are many things the retailers will say are the cause and most do have a contributory effect but the main reason is they don’t pay enough! Why is there veg on the shelves in Europe when UK ones struggle to have an apple! Why does my milk buyer put enormous efforts into promoting its exports of cheese all over the world (the biggest buyer is France) and they know a little about good food! It’s because the retailers here won’t pay a fair price. I must admit it makes me fume slightly when the retailers claim they are working hard to help the public.  What is really meant is to maintain their own margins and they are very good at that. Our milk price has now dropped by 7.5 pence per litre in the last two months so we are now been paid below the cost of production and with the level of investment required it won’t go on for ever, especially as our support payments are changing from having to farm to qualify; so subsidising the price of food which in effect it what has happened with food deflation for over the last 25 years plus with only the sad outbreak of war in Europe finally pushing prices up and showing the real value and security of your own food production. (How right my father was with his comment when the Berlin wall came down: “bad day for farming bit of fear makes them value food”.)

On a more cheery note, out the other night feeding a newborn calf, a barn owl came swooping. In the morning posh car came down the road stopped for a bit there and then proceeded to do a bit of flapping about so I enquired if everything was OK. Turns out it was more than OK as they had a mouse on the windscreen and where in the process of removing it which they did. Not that we have a shortage of mice but it is nice to see they are going upmarket! Plus it was a nice plump one and the barn owl will have a great tea!

Parish Council report – March 2023

Six councillors met for the March meeting along with Alasdair Bruce (EDDC) and 
Phil Twiss (DCC).

Bus fares.

Phil Twiss reported that the Government’s fare cap scheme, encouraging passengers to ‘Get Around for £2’ has now been extended to the end of June 2023. The scheme is backed by Government funding, and offers a saving of 30% on the average single fare. It’s hoped the scheme will encourage people to swap their cars for bus journeys, helping families save money during cost of living pressures, while also reducing carbon emissions by taking cars off the road and encouraging greater bus use to help the industry in its continued recovery from the pandemic. 

Church Mead garages.

Alasdair Bruce reported that EDDC has finally authorised repairs to the Church Mead council garages. A date when they will be available for rent will be forthcoming shortly. Dare we hope, he asked, that this frustrating saga may be finally coming to a favourable conclusion.

EDDC Local Plan.

David Valentine explained that EDDC had passed a resolution at its meeting on 14th February regarding the draft Local Plan to continue with background technical work, including discussions with consultees and infrastructure providers. But no further discussions or decisions will be made with regard to the sites or their allocations until the government has delivered the finalised National Planning Policy Framework.


Members agreed the finances.


Dec 2022 & Jan 2023: no reported crimes.

Planning applications. 

a) Pomeroy House, Gittisham – Internal and external remodelling with new kitchen
No objection.
b) 2 Mitchell Cottages Gittisham – 7 x Lawson Cypress Conifer – to dismantle to ground level. No objection.

c) Nags Head Farm Gittisham – extension to agricultural building. No objection.

Development in the parish.

David Valentine reported that Gittisham Community Land Trust would be looking for a new affordable housing provider for the scheme, as South Devon Rural Housing Association had reconsidered its position in the light of delays and rising costs. Sewage, Hayne Farm. The clerk said she had been in touch with Baker Estates to enquire about the drainage /sewage system on the development, as some residents have reported problems, particularly following periods of high rainfall. Baker Estates told her the foul drainage system has been technically approved by South West Water and they have also inspected the installation. However, issues have arisen and BE contractors are regularly jetting the drain out to ensure it continues to run freely whilst they investigate the cause of the issue. BE said now that outline planning permission has been granted for the development of the farmyard, they hoped that any storm run-off from there would be resolved. They will be keeping a close eye on the situation until a permanent solution can be found.  

Village play area.  

Members resolved unanimously to approve the most cost-effective provider for the table tennis table, which was one of the most popular choices in the public consultation carried out before the pandemic.

Next meeting. Thursday 6th April at 7.30pm in the parish room.

St Michael’s Church, Honiton Mission Community and 200 Club

St. Michael’s Gittisham

St Michael’s Mothering Sunday service was enjoyed by parents, grandparents and children with a big thankyou to Carol Hall for making the lovely posies distributed by the children, and also to Helen Hayman for organising the flower decorations and to all our wonderfully creative and talented flower arrangers who decorated the Church. Traditionally, this day is known as ‘Refreshment Sunday, so we were able to relax our usual practice of no flowers in Lent.


As the clocks spring forward and the daylight hours lengthen, we are looking forward to developing the wild area in the old churchyard and looking for volunteers to help us prepare for the new season. Please contact Maggie Walker for further information. We have already added to our stock of snowdrops and Paul Wakely has kindly grown several varieties of wild flowers which will be ready for planting later in the season.

Also Paul has kindly cared for and recently planted (as part of the Queens Canopy) two Tom Putt apple trees, grown from root stock purchased from Adam’s Apple Trees, a local business now based in Dulford.

Holy Week & Easter Services

Palm Sunday April 2nd  All Age Service in Church at 11am with blessing of Palms at the Lych Gate  followed by the service in Church. Good Friday April 7th  Morning Prayer and Reflection at 10.30am followed by Hot Cross Buns in the Parish Room. Easter Day April 9th Eucharist at 11am followed by an Easter Egg Hunt for the children in the Churchyard.

Later in the month: All Age Worship at 11am on the fourth Sunday of the month  April 23rd at 11am. Looking ahead to the Coronation of King Charles 111, there will be a Service of Celebration on Sunday May 7th at 11am.

To receive details for ongoing worship, Eucharistic and lay-led please contact me, Carol, on 01404 851113 or email or Julia by email on or for those without internet ring her on 07763 111367 or 01404 850680.  

Gittisham’s next monthly coffee get-together is Saturday 15th April in the parish room from 10.30 – 12.30.  It would be lovely if we could have some volunteers to help with our get togethers each month, if you could offer help. please contact me, Carol McCann (Tel 851113). Thank you.

Honiton Mission Community

The monthly Mission Community newsletter Around the Parishes is available by email or post from the Parish Office; see below for details.  As our MC churches are now having their own services, Sunday Morning Eucharistic Worship at 11.00am, in St. Paul’s is being live streamed. If you would like to join this service do please contact Rev’d Sue or the Parish Office by emailing or and the link will be forwarded.  Alternatively, ring the Parish office to book your place in person, on 01404 44035.  Messages will be replied to when someone is available.  Mollie the Church administrator is there on Tuesdays. Coffee and biscuits are served in St Paul’s church on Tuesdays and Saturdays and after Sunday services, donations are welcomed.  Details of the other M.C. church services can be found in the Around the Parishes under each church and the service details including Readings and Collects for the month and will certainly be helpful if you join the live streamed Sunday service.

200 Club

I was approached by villagers who wanted to join the 200 club but I am afraid I couldn’t remember who, could they please contact me.  I am currently able to offer numbers for the 200 club, (there are several available). If you want your number and forgot to pay the sub please let me know and I will re-instate you upon receipt of the full subscription amount. If you would like to join the 200 Club, please ring Carol, I can send or email an application form. This is one way of funding the upkeep so necessary with this old church which takes a lot to keep it heated (especially with the spiralling costs for energy) and watertight, keeping the churchyard in good order and kind to nature, The cost is £12 per number per year.  The draw takes place at the beginning of each month with 5 prizes: £40.00, £20.00, £15.00, £10.00 and £5.00. Twice a year there is a 6 monthly prize of £48 (March and September).

Payment can be made by cheque or cash or Standing Order, there is a form for your bank. I can
email both the application and Standing order forms if required, please let me know by telephone 01404 851113 or or write to 3 School House Cottages, Gittisham, Honiton, EX14 3AH.

February 2023 200 Club Results

1st  Sarah Agg-Manning                 2nd Nigel Blackmore               3rd Peter Stansell        
4th  Sarah Abbott              5th   Cynthia Underdown

March 2023 200 Club Results

1st  Betty Madden                2nd Maggie Walker               3rd Daggie Weaver          
4th  Jack Bartlett              5th   Christine Rew

Six-monthly Owen Morgan

Gittisham Gazette distribution

I must apologise for the missing February Gazette, [the editor writes] I was in hospital for 6 weeks from the 6th to 14th March and sadly back in again on the 17th and am doing this in my bed in the ward. I do hope I will get the April one done in reasonable time.

Once I come out of hospital  I would appreciate offers of help to deliver round the village and to the few homes in Cypress Close, Ferndale and Laburnum plus the Gittisham Vale bus shelter.

This is to advise if any Hayne Farm and Gittisham Vale estates residents wish to receive the
Gazette by email or if they have no internet access, they can receive it by post, (many are emailed and several households have 2 copies). I put 30+ copies in the Vale bus shelter and as the Hayne Farm sales office is by appointment only, I have stopped putting any in the office. I apologise to those who do not get the Gazette and do my best to print as many as I can on my own printer, and understand there is a Hayne Farm WhatsApp group which links with the Gazette. If you have a neighbour who doesn’t have access to the internet and you could print off a copy, then many more could receive this publication. It would also be good to receive news from both the Vale and Hayne to let us know what’s going on etc.

Carol McCann  01404 851113 / 07946 409142     .

If you have events or news items including pictures, for inclusion in the gazette from the village, the Vale or Hayne Farm Estate, do please email it to Carol as early as possible.  Use the Arial font using Word and not PDF, thanks.


Gittisham Flower & Produce Show schedule 2023

To be held at the Parish Hall on Saturday 5th August 2023

  • Potato bucket weigh in at 3:15pm
  • The show will open at 2:30pm
  • Teas and raffle
  • Admission: Adults 50p; Children 5-16 years 10p
  • Entrance fee Sections A,B,C 10p: Children’s entries free
  • Special potato class £1 – payable when your seed potato is collected
  • Sections A,B,C no prize money. Section D prizes 1 st = £1, 2 nd = 50p, 3 rd = 25p
  • McCann Junior Cup for most points by a competitor age 12-16 in Sections A,B,C
  • Awards for Best in Show in Sections A and B
  • The show is open to all residents of Gittisham parish, which includes Gittisham
  • Vale and Hayne Farm estate. We also welcome entries from those who no
  • longer live in the parish, those who actively support the parish, and those with
  • close links to the parish.

           Children must be aged 3-11 on Saturday 29th July 2023
            Juniors must be age 12-16 on Saturday 29th July 202

  • Children are welcome to enter Sections A,B,C upon paying the entry fee.
  • All exhibits must have been made or grown by the exhibitor
  • One entry form per person – no sharing!
  • Entries must be made in writing on the Entry form enclosed by marking
  • X in the appropriate box on the form
  • Entry forms must be accompanied by the correct entrance fees.
  • Entries must reach Sarah and Len Abbott, 4 Church Mead, Gittisham
  • EX14 3AH by Saturday 29 th July 2023
  • Only one exhibit per person per class
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding
  • Entries will be received at the Parish Hall between 0900 and 1045 on show day, and
  • must remain staged until after the presentation of prizes.
  • No exhibit should be named (including children’s exhibits)
  • Class
  • 3 White potatoes
  • 3 Coloured potatoes
  • 1 Cabbage (any variety)

4.    1 Lettuce (any variety)~
5.    5 Spring Onions
6.    5 Onion sets
7.    6 Shallots
8.    6 Sprays of Parsley
9.    3 Beetroot
10.   3 Carrots (any variety)
11.   6 Pods of Broad beans
12.   6 Pods of Peas
13.   A pair of Cucumbers
14.   5 Tomatoes
15. 5 Cherry tomatoes
16.   3 Courgettes under 6”
17.   6 Runner beans
18.   2 Parsnips
19.   3 Sticks of Rhubarb
20.   4 different culinary herbs (not parsley) in a jam jar
21. The longest runner bean

Classes 24-28 to be presented in a clear glass jar (NOT A VASE
23.   5 pansy heads floating in clear water in a clear glass bowl
24.   1 Spike Gladioli~
25.   3 Dahlias
26.   6 Stems of Sweet peas
27.   4 stems of different cut flowers
28.   1 Specimen Rose
29. An arrangement of garden flowers on the theme of the Coronation, not
~exceeding 12” or 30cm in any direction. Own vase, not jam jar.


30 Victoria Sponge in a round 8” or 20cm tin – as attached recipe
31 Quiche Lorraine
32 Tear and Share bread (own recipe)
33 Jar of Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
34 Jar of chutney (any variety)
~35 A photo of an insect (photo not exceeding 6”x8”)
36 Homemade oven gloves
37 Homemade game
38 A Homemade Anniversary Card~
39 MEN ONLY – Treacle Tart (recipe attached)

SPECIAL CLASS: Potatoes in a bucket – potatoes can be collected
from Sue and David Fallows, Parkers East, Gittisham 01404
850922 on or after 6 th April 2023

Up to 6 years
40 A Painting or Drawing of a pet~
41 A. animal made of vegetables
42 A marshmallow caterpillar
6 – 11 years
43. A Photo of people playing (max photo size 6”x8”)
44.   An animal made of vegetables
45.   3 Shrewsbury biscuits

Grease and line two 8inch (20cm) sponge tins
Preheat oven to Gas 3, 325F, 170C, (150fan)
8oz (225g) butter at room temperature
8 oz (225g) caster sugar plus a little for the top of the cake.
~4 large eggs (lightly beaten)
8 oz (225g) sifted self raising flour.
A few drops of vanilla essence

Cream butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy.
Beat in the eggs a little at a time
Stir in the vanilla essence~
Gently fold the flour into the mixture.~
The mixture should be of dropping consistency. If not add 1-2 tsps hot water.
Divide the mixture equally between the two tins and bake for approx. 25
minutes.~Cool on a rack and sandwich with raspberry jam.
Sift caster sugar lightly over the top of the cake.

Treacle Tart
Pre heat oven to Gas 6, 200C (180 fan).
35g butter
35g vegetable shortening
150g plain flour
2 tbsp cold water
675g golden syrup
270g coarse white breadcrumbs
Zest and juice of a lemon

Rub the fat into the flour to get rough breadcrumb texture. Bind with the
water to form a soft dough.~
Use the pastry to line a 20cm tart tin, preferably with a removable base.
Chill for 20-30 minutes.~
Gently warm the syrup
Stir in the lemon zest and juice and the breadcrumbs.
Pour the mixture into the uncooked pastry case
Bake for 15 minutes.
Reduce the heat to 180C (160 fan) Gas 4
Bake for a further 15-20 minutes

Gittisham Flower & Produce Show  Saturday 5th August 2023


Please place an X in the square showing the number of class(es) you intend to
When completed please return this Entry Form, with the correct Entry Fees, as
shown on the schedule to:  Sarah and Len Abbott, 4 Church Mead, Gittisham
EX14 3AH  on or before Saturday 29 th July 2023
No entries will be accepted after this date
Each entrant must complete a separate entry form. No sharing!
Please do not name any exhibit – even the children’s

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

41 42 43 44 45

Entrant’s name………………………………………………………………………


Total entry fee enclosed………………………….

Or, if child, state child’s age………………………

Additional entry forms available, if required, from Sue Fallows, Parkers East,

Gittisham, EX14 3AS     01404 850922 or