Gittisham Village Hall Acounts April 2023-24

Accounts for the year 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024
Hall & Equipment Hire4596.404953.50
Proceeds from Social Events1371.361791.04
Miscellaneous Income2005.91175.98
Redwood Bank Interest507.98226.48
Council Tax00.00
Water,Gas & Electricity3031.872173.82
Cleaning and Grass Cutting1019.62748.57
Hall & Equipment Maintenance5840.553624.97
Stationery & Postage00.00
Miscellaneous Expenses194.3193.18
Booking Clerk/Treasurer749.000.00
Bank Charges71.2976.32
Surplus income/loss for the year(2122.91)(313.65)
Bank BalancesAs at 31.03.2024As at 31.03.2023
HSBC Bank3627.916258.8
Redwood Bank26811.2226303.24
Cash in hand81.3281.32
Less loss for year ending 31 March 2024-2122.91
I certify that I have audited the books and records of Gittisham Village Hall for the year ending 31st March 2024 and can confirm that the above accounts are in accordance with the books, records and information supplied. To the best of our knowledge and belief, the above accounts give a true and fair view of the financial position of the Parish Hall as at 31st March 2024.
Geraldine Coates – AuditorDate

Village Hall Committe April 2024

Date9th April 19.30 at the Village Hall
PresentHamish, Sue, Alex, Janet, Stephen, Maggie, Pierre
+ Claire, observing
ApologiesCordelia, Stella, Bill, Terry, Nick
Next meetTuesday 14th May
AGM date: Tuesday 2nd July
outstanding / rolled over
Ongoing action to explore grant options, sitting with various committee members.Various
Janet presented end of year accounts. See screengrab in annexe. The value of the current account loss for the year is very significant, £2,123. However, if our grants received for the community kitchen are allocated to the period to which they actually apply (so one grant within 2023/24 is accounted for in 2022/23, and one grant to be received in 2024/25 is accounted for in 2023/24), then our losses for the year are more like £800.
Accounts will go the accountant for auditing at the end of the week, with the usual gift of wine – thank you Janet for organising. The committee agreed the annual payments to treasurer and booking clerk. Janet needs to print off the remittances for Hamish/Nick to sign.  
We agreed to defer the discussion on charging rates for the hall until the May meeting so that Hamish could prepare another cost proposal based around the final end of year figures, and so that we could have as full an attendance as possible to discuss this important issue. For ease of reference, the action rolled over from the previous meeting is:
Hamish agreed to rework his analysis and present a further proposal at the April meeting. Thank you Hamish. New proposal to include for consideration: 
a cost base with the 2023/24 significant capital expenditure costs (the boiler replacement) removed, so that subsequent price increases do not need to be so steep;
separate rates for parishioners and non-parishioners;
a cheaper rate for longer bookings;
and a hike in wedding costs(?).  
Grants: Carol Hall is applying for a grant for the community kitchen, and also preparing a bid for grant for replacement windows – see maintenance below. Thank you Carol!
No applicants have responded to the advertisements in the Gazette for a new Treasurer. It was suggested that Damien Furniss might be interested – Hamish to ask Damien. 
Interest in the savings account is 3.9% and raising a not insignificant amount (£508), but could we do better if we move elsewhere? One to debate once new Treasurer in post.


MaintenanceThe old shed has gone, the football team picture has been fixed. The tap washer issue has been resolved but alas the whole tap now needs replacement. Hamish to take forwards, thanks Hamish. 
Shed roof remains a significant issue. Claire kindly offered her tarpaulin as a temporary fix. Alex and Hamish will affix, weighted with sandbags, as a stopgap. Longer-term the committee agreed that galvanised sheeting is probably the way forwards. Alex to speak with Julian to get a quote for some sheeting. Also let’s not forget the stirling board that the church offered us. To discuss again next month.
The leak in the back porch was discussed. It’s only an issue in high winds but it still needs sorting. We agreed that the initial action should be to get up in the loft above and use caulking gun around the flashing. Hamish volunteered to tackle this at the same time as doing the shed roof. If this doesn’t fix it then we can go for a specialist.
We discussed replacing the windows at the front of the hall, which are badly damaged. On balance the committee agreed to pursue cheaper, better-insulating PVC windows, sympathetically designed, rather than wood frames which will quickly need more work and upkeep. We are applying for a grant and need at least three quotations – we have one already from Hani. Alex will approach Select Windows, Maggie will approach Anglian. Hamish will pursue with the estate how they feel about PVC windows (and also check whether this is permissible in the conservation area). To discuss at next meeting. 
We discussed maintenance days, or maintenance evenings: Committee and other volunteers coming together for a few hours to progress a series of maintenance actions. Strong support for this and also for advertising for help in the Gazette. We did not agree a date but should do this at the May meeting if not before. 

Hamish, Alex, Alex


Alex, Maggie, Hamish

Long-term maintenance list, for progression when we land a grant. No hierarchy as yet

(Rising?) damp in southern elevationTBD
Extractor fans in kitchenTBD
Drainage pipes
Internal repaint
New large range cooker and oven
PetitionSadly our questionnaire to the village in the last Gazette did not receive any responses – thank you Alex for trying. We need responses to gather data to support grant applications, but we also want the communication to gather ideas on how the hall can be used and to advertise the community asset. Alex is going to have another go, this time using Microsoft Forms to create a light touch survey that shouldn’t take as long to complete. Please circulate around the committee when ready Alex so that we can comment/add questions.Alex
Future events

We are all looking forward to the St George’s Day quiz, Saturday 20th April, Nick as quizmaster. Thank you Nick. And a ploughman’s supper – thank you Sue. Cheese, no soup. £7 on the door. Nick to advertise. Please be there by 5 to help set up. 
We agreed to organise an evening of village Skittles on Saturday 18th May, from 19:30. Steve to organise and advertise. 
We agreed to run the Father’s Day BBQ on Sunday 16th June, and to coincide this with the opening of the new village table tennis table. The Parish Council will be asking Damien to organise a table tennis tournament that week, with the finals on the Sunday. Entry fees for the tournament to go to a men’s charity; money for the Father’s Day BBQ to go to the Village Hall.
We agreed to pursue live music options as priority. Carol will approach Hani to see if he can run a Syrian music and food event on Saturday 20th July. But we need many live music options to pursue as we think this will be great and draw in the punters. Maggie to approach Richard Thorn, Hamish to approach skiffle band that he knows, Claire to get a quote for Joey the Lips. 
We agreed that more evening talks would be brilliant. Alex to consider / organise an astronomy talk from him / Norman Lockyer colleague, to consider at next meeting. 

Long list of other options:
Art exhibition with scones…
Hosting the pizza van…
Sea defences talk
Magical mystery bus tour
Villages in action
Carol, Hamish, Maggie, Claire

AOBOn behalf of the committee earlier this month Alex attended the East Devon Village Hall Nest meeting. Thank you Alex for dedicating your time to this. A very useful talk with plenty for us to consider. Listing readout here in full as we did not have much time to discuss and we might want to pick up elements in subsequent meeting:
A number of other village halls are adding a supplementary ‘kitchen-use’ fee to their booking prices.
‘Hallmaster’ is an app that could support booking clerk – worth reviewing.
South West Water has a regional grant fund called ‘neighbourhood fund’ capped at £2k.
One village hall raised £100k simply through…crowdfunding! 
Alex will attend the next meeting of the committee on Wednesday 12th June – thank you again Alex!

Having observed us in action Claire asked to join the committee – motion approved! Welcome Claire!
Gittisham Parish Hall Accounts – 1st April 2023 to 31 March 2024
2022/231.04.22- – 31.03.2024
Balance brought forward6,258.80
Hire of Hall4,953.504,953.505,588.85
Social Events1,791.041,791.041,371.36
Miscellaneous includes the £2000 drawn dow from Redwood Bank
Gittisham Parish Hall Accounts – 1st April 2023 to 31 March 2024
Non-domestic rates0.000.000.00
Cleaning/grass cutting748.57748.571,019.62
Miscellaneous(inc. bank charges)269.50269.501,014.59
Redwood Deposit A/c£24,811.22
Miscellaneous includes payments to Treasurer and Hall booker.
Cleaning/grass cutting has risen by 36%, from last year.
The utilities have risen by just under 40%.

Village Hall Committee March 2024

Date5 th March 19.30 at the Village Hall
PresentHamish, Nick, Sue, Alex, Janet, Bill, Stephen, Maggie, Terry, Pierre
ApologiesCordelia, Stella
Next meetTuesday 9 th April
outstanding /
rolled over
Hamish to pass box of files to new Treasurer.
Hamish to advertise for a new Treasurer – note to go into April Gazette,
including details on stipend.
The action remains for us to explore grant options. Hamish to apply for
community grant, Alex to try again with lottery fund, but other options
available as well. See also summary of grant application discussion in
‘Treasurer’s Report’ section of minutes.
Janet presented accounts. See screengrab in annexe. Hamish needs to submit
Burns Night expenditure before accounts closed for year; Helen Hayman needs
to be refunded for the auction of promises costs.
£1700 has been drawn down from Redwood Bank to pay for the boiler but it
will not clear before the Ides of March, so the accounts are currently light.
Hamish presented an analysis of hall utilisation, costs and income for the year.
The committee expressed its thanks to Carol Hall who has done so much to
drive bookings through the year – we have done well, particularly on private
In spite (/because of) the high utilisation rate our costs are exceeding our
income. This is significantly the case if the costs for the new boiler are included
in year’s outgoings, but also true if this large capital expenditures is taken out.
The committee agreed that ultimately our hiring costs are too low and that we
need to increase them to cover our outgoings.
Hamish’s presented an analysis which suggests that eradicating our current
variable charging rates and charging a flat £17 an hour would meet our full fat
costs for the year. Counter-arguments to this proposal: 1) some of the
committee wished to see the cheaper rate retained for parishioners; 2) this flat
hourly rate would be felt more significantly by those renting the hall for full
days or for significant numbers of hours – a cheaper rate for bookings of long
duration could perhaps be retained.
Hamish agreed to rework his analysis and present a further proposal at the April meeting. Thank you Hamish. New proposal to include for consideration:
a cost base with the 2023/24 significant capital expenditure costs (the
boiler replacement) removed, so that subsequent price increases do not
need to be so steep;
separate rates for parishioners and non parishioners;
a cheaper rate for longer bookings;
and a hike in wedding costs(?).
The committee discussed grants. Nick made the point that we need to settle
on an agreed hierarchy of improvement works and engage with grant
applications – we may need a sub-committee or a named lead to drive this
forwards. For further discussion at next meeting.
To support grant work Alex agreed to attend the open days at Membury and
Chardstock Village Halls on behalf of the committee and explore some of their
funding solutions – thank you Alex.
We also agreed to put a questionnaire in the gazette about hall use. This would
provide insight into how the parish want the hall to be used and also provide
valuable evidence when submitting grant applications. The article /
questionnaire should also reference National Village Hall week, coming up this
MaintenanceShed roof is badly damaged. Ply has come off and it needs a temporary
tarpaulin, then refelting. Alex has approached Len about the tarpauline – please
update when you know more. The longer-term fix will need to be deferred for a
month or so but when it happens Nick is bringing buns. The church has stirling
(?)board going free that can be used. To return to this at April meeting.
The meeting agreed that Hani could remove the dilapidated shed, provided it
was disposed of in a reasonable manner. £250. At the same time Hani can
repaint around the new boiler flue. Stephen to approach.
Big thanks to Alex for unblocking the toilet. Are toilets blocking more due to
underlying problem with drains? Inconclusive discussion.
Tap needs a new washer. Hamish will do it, thank you Hamish. Hamish may wish
to borrow David’s regrinder tool.
The picture of the Gittisham football team has cracked glass frame – Stephen to
get sorted at Honiton Glass.
We agreed a St George’s Day quiz, Saturday 20 th April, Nick as quizmaster. Thank
you Nick. And a ploughman’s supper – thank you Sue (I think you are leading but
apologies if not in fact agreed?). £7 on the door and, as with Burns Night, you have
to book ahead. Advertise in the Gazette along with Nick’s number. Nick to
March skittles event was deferred. We will
reschedule at next meeting.
We agreed to rerun the Father’s Day BBQ – no date agreed but presumably Sunday
16 th June.

Other ideas discussed but not yet agreed:
Live music…
Midsummer ceilidh
Art exhibition with scones…
Hosting the pizza van…
Gittisham Parish Hall Accounts – 1st April 2023 to 31 March 2024Gittisham Parish Hall Accounts – 1st April 2023 to 31 March 2024
2022/231.04.22- – 29.02.242022/231.04.22-
Balance brought forward6,258.80Insurance643.79643.79690.38
Non-domestic rates0.000.000.00
Hire of Hall4,953.504,716.565,476.75Cleaning/grass cutting748.57748.57803.62
Social Events1,791.041,767.441,371.36Maintenance/Equipment3,624.973,543.033,857.93
Miscellaneous175.98175.985.91Miscellaneous(inc. bank charges)269.50261.37991.84
Redwood Deposit A/c£26,811.22
Total income from Burns night Cash £343.08+ Sum Up £182.86

Village Hall Committee February 2024

Date6th February 19.30 at the Village Hall
PresentNick, Alex, Stephen, Stella, Pierre, Bill, Sue
ApologiesJanet, Hamish, Maggie, Cordelia, Terry
Next meetTuesday 5th March?
Actions outstanding from previous meetingAgreement with Len about dismantling shed – see ‘Maintenance’ section below. Hamish to sort through box of files and share relevant with Janet. Advertise for a new Treasurer – note to go into March Gazette, including details on stipend.
Treasurer’s reportAccounts reviewed see bellow. Thanks to Janet for including savings account details in the summary. Concern at the rate at which outgoings are outstripping income. This will still be true (though less stark) once community kitchen grant monies of £2,244 are paid into the account at end of March. Agreement to discuss at subsequent meeting with follow-up actions on the following points. Noted that our charging costs are lower than other local village halls – also to discuss fees in March.
● Hamish to being analysis of costs and income (action from January minutes).
● Janet to clarify what is driving the sharp increase in miscellaneous charges – new hob?
● Alex to run a uSwitch comparison of electricity and gas suppliers to inform decision on new contract due end March.
Grant applications discussed. Devon Communities Together training session on grant writing, Tuesday 20th February, 10am-1pm, thank you Alex for circulating.
Hamish to apply again to ‘Growing Communities Fund’ for a further grant for community kitchen, as per request from Parish Council. Fund opens for applications on 1st April.
Alex will try again for £20k Lottery Fund grant. Priority items for investment to be discussed at March meeting.
Gittisham Parish Hall Accounts – 1st April 2023 to 31 March 2024Gittisham Parish Hall Accounts – 1st April 2023 to 31 March 2024
2022/231.04.22- – 31.01.242022/231.04.22-
Balance brought forward6,258.80Insurance643.79643.79690.38
Non-domestic rates0.000.000.00
Hire of Hall4,953.504,490.755,090.30Cleaning/grass cutting748.57718.57803.62
Social Events1,791.041,219.54956.75Maintenance/Equipment3,624.973,198.043,840.11
Miscellaneous175.9825.985.91Miscellaneous(inc. bank charges)269.50256.37986.84
Redwood Deposit A/c£26,811.22
MaintenanceChildproof fence for hirers, Len taking forwards. Ideally needs to be in place by end of February. What type of fence – committee not clear without Hamish present? Hamish to ensure taken forwards. Shed removal. Yes wait for warmer months but steer from committee was to pay a firm for removal and get it all done in one go. Stephen to get quote from Hani for full removal. Second shed has leaking roof. No action. Boiler installation taking place this Thursday morning, 8am. Well done everyone and especially Nick and Alex for getting us to a solution. Committee agreed that funds for the boiler should be taken from the savings account, not the current account, and authorised Treasurer to make that transfer. There was some debate about what our long-term investment / refurbishment priorities are. For instance, how much of a priority is the sewage pipe works? Can we agree a prioritisation list at the AGM, which we can use as a touchstone throughout the year?
BookingsWell done to everyone and especially Sue and Alex for organising a fantastic Burns Night. Warm feedback from Honiton Carers and other guests all obviously had a brilliant evening.
Future eventsAuction of promises 10th February. Proceeds will raise money for the church. The committee agreed to reduce the booking fee to nothing. Nick to message Helen, copying Carol so she can invoice accordingly.

Friday 1st, skittles and darts. Stephen to add a note to the Gazette and advertise on WattsApp. Alex offered to help set up. Mav is down to collect the Skittles again. Committee agreed to not charge for entry, but possibly a raffle. If successful, run again another evening in March? Agree in March.

Fete, 31st August. Can the village hall committee run the bar? – yes we can.

Cabaret in December.

Other ideas: The Committee was keen for a quiz in April and possibly a regular monthly quiz booking. A regular slot gets on calendar and brings people from wider? Share load of quiz-setting around the village? Return to this in March. Father’s Day BBQ?
Cream tea with art exhibition.
AOBStephen volunteered to take on some secretariat duties, including publishing historic minutes on GVH website.

Chairs Report July 2023

After the tough covid times of 2020 and 2021 it’s great to see the Village Hall bookings returning and the hall being used again.

We have a good cross section of regular bookings, including the dance club, yoga, Pierre’s kitchen, and keep fit.  We are also very fortunate to have the popular Community Kitchen as a regular weekly booking.  Thanks to all regular groups who book the hall and to Sara Trumper for getting the community Kitchen up, running this year.

Through the year the committee have arranged some excellent events including our regular quizzes, the return of the ever popular Burn’s Night, skittles, an antiques evening, Father’s Day BBQ –  in perfect weather and with a live band and the coronation celebration –  attended by many from outside the direct village. 

A special thanks too to the Parish Council for applying for the initial community Kitchen grant and also for financially supporting the Coronation event.   A special thanks too to Carol Hall for pushing the Hal on social media, resulting in more one off and regular bookings.

Over the course of the year we have managed to keep up with the expenses, that have risen sharply due to big changes in gas, electricity and water bills.  Costs are expected to be higher still during the coming year but it is hoped with the extra income from existing and new bookings we will be able to keep pace.  We have been and will be reliant on grants to reach a break even point.

We are very fortunate to have new members to the committee, with special mention to our Treasurer, Janet Twist for keeping the books in order and to Alex Rowe for his exceptional hard work in supporting events.

 For the coming year we really hope to extend the reach of the village hall well into Gittisham Vale and Hayne Farm and put on events for the whole parish.  

As chair I would like to extend my thanks to all of those on the committee, those who helped when called upon outside the committee and those who have recently left. It is your support, enthusiasm and dedication that makes our village hall such a desirable and friendly place to get people together.  We must aspire to more private booking and parish events.

We really need and would welcome more members to grow the number and range of events that we put – to allow us to keep the important community assets running.  This is a hall for the whole parish.

Hamish Hall  July 2023